Thursday, January 01, 2009

Clearance Crazies

Why is it that when people hit the Christmas clearance they all look like someone stole their anti-anxiety meds? The panicky manic looks on their faces is quite entertaining. They all look like they're afraid of missing something.

I hope I didn't look like that. Knowing me, I probably just looked pissed off.

I managed to pick up some silver snowflake ornaments today. They were 75% off. I also got a silicone bowl scraper thingiemadoo that will make an awesome icing spreader for the cupcakes I'm intending to bake. I'll have to wash all the silver glitter off it first. It shared a bag with the snowflakes, which felt it would be nice to share the glitter. I'm covered in it, my purse is covered in it, and Brett, who has the retractable umbilical cord and refused to acknowlege his birth, is also covered in it.

1 comment:

Judy said...

hehe, I have seen alot of those faces you describe!

Crazed shoppers, wanting to get to the good stuff first and will knock ya down! Look out!

Glad you are here. :)