Monday, January 12, 2009

First Day of School (for me)

Well, here we are, another semester, another buttload of homework. I have 3 online classes and one drag my butt across town class. At least I have no writing classes this time. I figured out that that is what was making me ignore my virtual life... if I spend so much time being forced to write, I just don't want to do any writing for me.

At least the first week of class has nothing due, since this is still the add/drop period. There is one class that I think is going to be way more work than I want to deal with, but I HAVE to take it, even though I pretty much know everything they are going to teach me already. It's always the the "easy" class that loads you up with work. It's not hard work... just time consuming.

I have two other instructors who are extremely picky... but I've had them before and know what to expect. One has reasonable exams and is very picky on the projects, the other has nightmare exams (minutiae) and is a little easier on the projects as long as they are in on time.

The Drag My Butt In class is for Adobe Illustrator and I've had this instructor before too. She's extremely easy as long as you follow directions, there are no exams, just design projects. And design projects I like, even when I'm forced to do it.


Judy said...

Design projects? That's cool! Good luck, Cinder! :)

Be safe and warm. :) ((hugs))

doanli said...

Good luck too, Cinder! You can do it. :)

Carola said...