Saturday, January 17, 2009


My fingers are having a hard time typing. I'm cold. It's only 44 degrees out here in sunny (not) warm Florida. I don't want to put the heat up, but I'm shivering. I know the sun will warm the house sooner or later (like it does all summer) but I'm not sure I will last that long LOL.

Maybe I'll go out to Dunkin Donuts for a cup of HOT coffee. Yes. That would be good. I can just hold it. Snuggle it. Caress it. Until I absorb all the heat from it. Then it will be cold enough to drink.

I'll even hold it between my feets to warm the toesies, which are rarely cold, but are now protesting me wanting to throw on flip flops for the trip to DD. Tying sneakers is just too much effort. Not that I tie them. They are perma-tied so I just jam my footsies in. But socks. Too much effort. What? My feet just told me to just stuff them in sock free. Anything to prevent being exposed to the cold in the flip flops.


old solider said...

it's around 20 here.cold is not my friend either.stay warm & have a great weekend

Judy said...

Yikes! We were cold here in St Pete/Tampa area too! A couple mornings we were 37* but it warmed up to 58* that day, it's awfulllll !

Summer will be here soon!

Judy said...

Cinder... it's going to be even colder tonight, tomorrow !!! We have a windchill advisory just put out for us! Keep warm, you and the kids!!