Sunday, October 30, 2005

I had a dream that four Rolfs sitting nicely in a cream colored convertable, were driving around a parking lot not letting me get off my bed. They weren't doing anything, just driving. My bed was the size of a two story building and I was looking down at them trying to figure out how to get down and get away from them. I wasn't feeling scared at all. Just annoyed.

No more falling asleep with Most Haunted Live on tv. And I didn't even have any Nyquil

Friday, October 28, 2005

Another mother and I were at the stop and the bus never showed up. So we loaded up the entire bus stop and drove them to school. I called the school and they didn't even seem concerned, which ticked me off. Of course, the other mothers didn't even know, since a lot of them drop their kids off at the bus stop on the way to work.

When they came home, they had a different bus driver. It was some big Jabba the Hut / hygenically challenged looking guy. Evidently their regular driver, the very mommish and competent lady, was out sick. We miss her very much.

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I am grumpy... I'm still sick, drowning in my own snot, and taking what I need to to mask the symptoms. No more nyquil though. I didn't get up until 1 PM after taking that crap.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Even though I was sick, I took Tylenol to keep the fever and aches away, Advil an hour later to reinforce it, and Sudafed for the snots. I felt A-OK for quite a while. Since I left work early, there was no need to drive to BFE and meet up with everyone. I decided against dressing in costume because it was COLD (the low was 47. I put pajama bottoms and a long sleeved t shirt on the boys to keep them warm under their costumes. This is the one year that they aren't wearing those "muscle" costumes with all the padding that keeps them warm. Brett was Flash and Tyler was Batman (Batman Begins version). Brett kept calling himself Dash (from the Incredibles) and I had to keep correcting him. Finally I said, "Fine, you're Dash." and he grins and says, "I'm just joking you mommy."

Here they are in the parking lot in front of my car, right before we hopped on a tram, that would take us to the monorail, which would finally bring us to the Magic Kingdom.

Then we finally got a stroller, mainly to carry our junk, but occasionally to hold a too tired 6 year old.

Here they are at the main entrace

Last night they were VERY generous with the candy. All our bags were full and we had to start with a second round of bags. Between the five of us, we have at least 15 lbs of candy, and that is no exaggeration.

Brett kept his mask on most of the night, but only ever had one eye looking out. We'd straighten it and it would be twisted around with just one eye again. He got lost at one candy station, when I thought Dan had him and he thougt I had him. He was wandering around crying near the stroller. He stuck to us like glue after that.

Tyler kept taking his mask off. He walked with his cape swirling behind him. So I started dadada'ing the Imperial March, you know, the Darth Vader walking tune. From the back, he looked more like Darth Vader. For the rest of the night, I called him Darth Tyler. Duncle Dan mentioned that he was looking to download that as a ringtone for when my sister calls. "I am Darth Ballbuster," she announced.

We went on only 4 rides. The Stitch ride, Peter Pan, the carousel, and of course, the Haunted Mansion. This year there were no whines of trepidation, no dragging them... they went on willingly and enthusiastically. I just might be able to take them to Halloween Horror Nights in a couple of years.

Here's a picture of them with a Pleakly statue in tomorrowland

We were getting ready to leave, when I noticed they were about to have a dance party. Since it was indoors, and therefore warm, and the boys liked to dance, we decided to stay. Nothing's funnier than a bunch of little kids in costume dancing. Darth Tyler cracked me up doing the macarena. Brett was doing his usual electrocution/seizure dance. After that we trick or treated our way out, then stood in line to get to the monorail, which would take us to the tram, which would take us to the car. Getting out takes a half hour on a good day.

We were all drop dead exhausted by the time we got home. And I'm now sicker than ever. Oh well. At least I can fake health with enough drugs