Monday, July 27, 2015

Almost five years since my last post...

Well, Brett and Tyler are about to be juniors in high school. Actually, home school. I pulled them out of the public school system when their middle school didn't take the harassment of Tyler by one particular kid seriously. It escalated to the point where this kid stabbed Tyler with a pencil. This required me to hop on my broom and fly at the school at least once a week. I threatened to call the police. After that, the kid stopped harassing Tyler, but I was over it. At least we no longer have to deal with this Common Core testing bullshit. Testing here in Florida worked as well as signing up for Obamacare when it was rolled out.

We have moved away from the old hood. We now live in the middle of nowhere. We have water buffalo for neighbors. I'm sure that there are humans living on the property in the house, but I have yet to see them in the last two years. I hear from other neighbors that they are physicians and they neglect their animals. Considering the number of cats that I have seen pouring out of their garage, I'm thinking they don't fix them either. A couple of the cats like to come in my yard and mock my cats, who are not impressed. Occasionally, one of them will spray my sliders, which will result in me grumbling about my cats when they had nothing to do with it. One of their cats was hit by a car and landed in my yard. He was still alive when animal control came to get him. Poor thing.