Saturday, December 22, 2007

Somehow the money situation got turned around. I haven't hated my job in the last two weeks, and we were allowed overtime, which pulled me out of the financial crapper big time. Then my parents sent money for me to go shopping for the kids, and sent a package with toys and books in it as well. Then their grandma on Boob's side sent them twice as much money for Christmas as she normally does. Then Duncle Dan's parents sent us cash.

Of course, between the overtime and the fact that all this arrived in the last week has me shopping at the last minute. I found that getting up early and hitting the stores right when they open is the best bet. I went to Sears, Target and Linens n Things and didn't have to wait in line in any of them.

You know, I haven't spent a dime of the money meant for me on me. Maybe I'll get myself some exercise videos from Target and workout wear from Macy's.