Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Journalspace is up

I just went back and resigned up. I was just getting used to being here. I'll give it a try, maybe write in both places


Judy said...

I'm there but staying here too,lol.

I've became very attached to my cozy little Spot here. :)

I gotta go eat breakfast and catch two buses and get that darn chemo shot this morning, waaaaaH ! (no computer playing!)

Be safe and warm, Cinder and the kids!


Carola said...

I hope the chemo shot doesn't knock you down too bad ((hugs))

doanli said...

I think I'll keep my Blogger blog open because you know how we go way back. ;)

But I decided to occasionally blog on JS because of the nice people I've met there. Thanks to YOU for bringing it to me! If you had not found my old SuburbianHeather blog, I might not have been a JSer!


Hope everything goes well for you too, Judy.