Thursday, June 12, 2003

Smells like incest

originally posted Thu, 12 Jun 2003 06:01:52 -0700

Tyler (sniffing his favorite blanky): “ Smells yike incest”

Me: “WHAT!?”

Tyler: “My naynay (his name for the blanky) smells yike incest”

He holds the blanky out for me to smell. The last thing I want to do is sniff it. Although I’m not sure what incest might smell like, I’m sure it isn’t a pleasant smell. Not to mention the boys blankies get dragged through everything and are pretty disgusting.

He comes closer, holding out the blanky. I back away.

Me: “What’s incest?”

He rolls his eyes and shrugs, palms up, and lets out an exasperated sigh, like I’m the biggest moron in the world. Then he points. “Incest you dummy ass”

I was laughing too hard to punish him for the dummy ass comment. He was pointing to my incense burner.

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