Monday, August 02, 2004

In the bath, Tyler yelled, "Mommy, come look!"

Usually excitement means something I really don't want to see but will probably have to clean up.

I walk in to see him pointing at Brett's butt. He's all excited. "Brett has a HOLE in his butt!" he announced with the pride of someone that has discovered the means to faster than light speed travel. "I think that's where he poops from!" And he bends over to have another peek at his most amazing discovery.

"Tyler! Leave his butt alone!" I'm trying hard not to laugh. Brett is standing there with a big grin, all proud to have a butt hole.

That's when the epiphany hit. "Hey, maybe I have one too!" Tyler shouted, and violently bent forward to try to stuff his head between his legs and up his butt to see.

That's really not a good move in a slippery bathtub without a bathmat.

He did a flip and splashed down on his back. You know that gets a maximum bathtub tsunami effect. Brett is still standing there, slightly bent over silly grin on his face, completely unaffected by the sudden turbulence. He's in the exact same position he was when I first came in.

Tyler emerged from the water surprised that the laws of physics actually applied to him. Now that his head was completely wet he was ready for shampooing

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