Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Hi, I`m Tydah G

originally posted Wed, 11 Jun 2003 21:39:53 -0700

I’m Tydah G
That’s Tyler’s response when you ask him who he is. He’s the victim of being given a popular name * gasp * There was another Tyler in his class, Tyler E, who has just moved on to the 4 year old room, leaving Tyler the sole owner of the Tyler moniker in the threes. But Tyler is stuck on being “Tydah G” So my kid sounds like he's in some sort of 12 step program whose name ends in "anonymous"

If you push him, he’ll say his name is “Tydah Gweene”. Ok. It is. Well, close enough. He knows there’s a T in his name. Therefore, if something is labeled “Brett”, which has two T’s, it must also be his. Which can create some conflict. Which I am then required to ref. I’m trying to drill into the little head that his name STARTS with a T. So far, the little head is appearing to be completely solid, with no absorption powers whatsoever. One day it will just click. About the time that I’m completely bald from pulling all my hair out.

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