Friday, September 04, 2009

Another semester begins...

And I a fully prepared. I think.
Books... check
Permanent marker (to write reminders on my hand)... check
Planner (to write the assigments in that I will later write on my hand anyway)... check
XAMP installed... uh, no... guess I didn't write that on my hand. Do that tonight.
Caffeine sources... check
Highlighters (to mark up the books which then become unreturnable)... check
Paper in various forms (printer, filler, notebook... for scribbling and tearing up in fits of rage... bye-bye rainforest)... check
Spackle & other wall repair (for when the books in the wall in the same rage that destroys the rainforests)... check
Motivation (which needs to be rationed... it tends to run very low towards the end)... check
Fat ass rooted to the chair in front of computer (very useful for the online classes... however, that distraction called facebook is causing us some real problems).... check (like it's ever any different)

Ok, I'm mostly prepared. I still need very large binders, which I need for the remains of the rainforests that I print the online notes on. I swear the online classes waste more paper than the get-up-off-your-butt-and-physically-go classes

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