Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Week of School and other Big Changes

Since way back at the beginning of time when I started this blog, B&T have grown into 11 year olds. Since Brett spent his kindergarten year making crayons naked, he got an opportunity to do it twice, so he is still in elementary school in the fifth grade. Tyler just started middle school in the gifted program. So he's hanging out with the evil geniuses. Trust me, having multiple gifted kids over means having unique and ingenius ways of getting in trouble. Oh, why can they not be like the geeks of yesteryear!

Anyhoo, Tyler has been getting up in the morning without a fight. That might be because he doesn't have to get up until after I'm back from walking Brett to school. In previous years, the biggest battle was trying to extract him from his bed. I tried everything from ice cubes to squirt bottles to loud noises. However, he has made up for his new and improved morning personality by doing things like drawing a mustache with blue sharpie on Brett when he fell asleep on the couch. (BTW, the hand sanitizer worked to get the remains off this morning). I'm wondering if there is a Law of Conservation of Annoying Kid Behavior which states that each child must exhibit all of his allotted evil, so that if it is removed from one part of life, it must be used elsewhere.

As for Brett, I've started walking to school with him. Because of his CP, and the fact that he has legs of slightly different lengths, one of his feet turns inwards. Since part of his therapy involved walking on a treadmill, I decided we might have better results if I made him walk to school. He gets to stretch his tendons, I get exercise, and when the zombie apocalypse comes, we'll all be ready to run. It's a win, win, win situation. Or so I think.

Brett spent the entire walk complaining about walking. Yesterday's complaints were that he had PE first thing and he was going to be tired out. Then it was that he was so skinny that this walking would make him lose weight and he WOULD JUST DIE!!! Today, my sister came with, and he complained about her coming. Then that it was Wellness Wednesday and he would have to walk around the track a bazillion times. Then he complained about his backpack, then my sister holding his backpack. Then it was back to dying. I'm beginning to think he's the reincarnation of Stevie's Nana Levy. Even the dead armadillos in various states of decomposition (and dining by the turkey vultures) did not distract him from his mission.

So that's how my day starts this school year. I'm going to try sticking an iPod on Brett to see if he sings rather than bitches, but I'm not holding my breath

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Sunny said...

Hey, Cinder ! I sure enjoyed reading your blog. :)

You have a style of writing about the kids that makes me smile, sometimes laugh out loud, lol !!

I hope it all works out for Brett and his physical issues and that the exercise is great for you all!

Walking is so good for us, my knees have got bad, and I have not walked except around in my apartment since August 4th! I take "Scoot" to get around outside.

Have a great Sunday :)