Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Prince of Darkness

Today was a weird weather day. This morning it was bright and sunny, then it clouded over. While folding some shirts, it suddenly got very, very dark. I asked, "Who brought the darkness?"

Brett replied, without looking up from his video game, "He did," and pointed at Tyler with his elbow.

"So, Tyler, are you the Prince of Darkness?" I asked.

"No, Ozzy Osbourne is," Tyler answered.

Then both of them chorused, "He's been the prince of darkness since 1979!"

I think they watch too much tv.


doanli said...

The Prince of Darkness brought snow to South Carolina tonight!

Thank you!

Carola said...

ROFL! Was it pretty?

Judy said...

I saw the southern snow on TV!! That's the only place I love to see snow, well besides in web photos!!!

Your kids are so cute.

Be warm! Another cold night tonight.