Saturday, July 15, 2006

While I was picking up the Twins of Terror this afternoon, one of the bubbly young counselors gushed, "Your boys are so sweet! They're such good boys!"

I blurted out, "Are you talking about MY kids?"

She looked confused, while an older counselor laughed (who was probably the ripe old age of 21) "You're Brett and Tyler's mom right?"

"Yes... you mean they're GOOD here?" I'm shocked.

She's back to gushing, "They're so sweet! They always hugging each other and they're always so good!"

"Are you sure they were hugging?" I'm mystified. Now if they were trying to wrestle each other to the ground, or strangle each other, that would make more sense. Otherwise, my kids have been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with these duplicates with sweet dispositions. Or they were flipped with an alternate universe... maybe they'll turn up with goatees.

"When one cries, the other gives him a hug," she explained.

Hmmm. That does happen on occasion. When one accidentally on purposely hurts the other and he starts to cry, the guilty party will try to console him so the Mom of Justice won't swoop down upon him.

At this point, B&T exit the building. They're all smiley and happy!!!! With no facial hair. Then Brett was taking his sweet time getting in the car and Tyler starts yelling at him and calling him an idiot. Guess they weren't kidnapped by aliens. Darn, I was hoping to keep the good copies. It was just an act to impress the pretty girls, which they dropped as soon as they got to the car.

This explains why they are so cranky when they get home. They use up their quota of good during the day at camp.

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