Sunday, May 14, 2006

It really was a lovely mother's day for me. Tyler brought me an entire folder filled with cards, stories and other mommy worshipping items. Then he made a vase of fake flowers with pens, fake flowers and a dixie bathroom cup filled with dark red kidney beans. Very shiney, those beans are. He's so excited that I'm actually using the pens. He also made a clear plastic "stained glass" box at daycare. He topped off my day by naming his favorite bathtoy, a whale, after me. No, I was not flattered, though I pretended to be. I don't think he understands why you don't name a whale after someone you LIKE.

Brett wrote a story about what a wonderful mommy I am, gave me a "stained glass" plastic box, and a little tattered card that was damaged during transport (as everything dumped in his black hole of a backpack is)

I love everything they made for me. I just adore my little boys.


Anonymous said...

awww. that's sweet. happy day after mother's day!
~gaily (waiting for JS to come back up!)

Carola said...

Thanks! (Also waiting for JS to return from the dead)